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PPOplus is a full service Preferred Provider Organization that represents insurance carriers, third party administrators, self-funded employers and other Managed Care Organizations.

Through the use of advanced state of the art technology, PPOplus has become known as an industry leader in receiving, re-pricing and returning claims electronically. Our advanced use of electronic processing eliminates the redundancy of administrative services and speeds up processing and claims turnaround times.

By selecting dedicated, high quality physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals, PPOplus maintains a reputation as the regions high quality and cost-effective Preferred Provider Organization. PPOplus requires contracted providers to meet measurable credentialing standards. Providers are carefully screened to verify that their education, medical training and credentials meet industry standards.

PPOplus offers a wide range of administrative services that can be accessed in whole or in part based upon the needs of each client. In addition to its comprehensive PPO networks, PPOplus offers claims re-pricing, data management, on demand training and education, and toll free customer service support lines.

PPOplus is committed to the evaluation and continuous quality improvement of services offered to its members, providers and clients. The following services are continually monitored to identify opportunities for improvement and enhancement: quality of providers, availability of providers, geographic coverage, response time for customer support services and functions (claims repricing, credentialing, etc.), member satisfaction and provider satisfaction.

PPOplus is dedicated to arranging high quality, cost effective care for its members. The expertise PPOplus delivers in evaluating, selecting and contracting with the providers of choice in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas allows our clients to rely on our years of experience and knowledge to provide them with the best providers and pricing available. In an effort to promote ease of administration for its members, clients, and provider partners, PPOplus provides nationwide coverage to its membership through direct management and access of a nationwide network.

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