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PPOplus is a full service Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that represents insurance carriers, third party administrators, self-funded employers and other managed care organizations. As the PPO used by numerous payers, we are able to benefit our Providers with an increase in patient flow, a stable patient base, and expedited claims turnaround time through the use of electronic claims.

Our regional network is made up of over 30,000 established medical providers throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and western Tennessee. In order to provide a consistently high level of patient choice, PPOplus maintains an open panel provider network. This means physicians or other healthcare providers that meet the credentialing requirements and criteria established by PPOplus are eligible for participation in our network.

PPOplus’ goal is to provide our members with reasonably priced healthcare services, with minimal disruption to the patient-physician relationship. It is our belief that this philosophy benefits the healthcare provider as well as the patient.

When a patient chooses to use a PPOplus preferred provider for medical services, they receive enhanced benefits and lower out of pocket healthcare costs. The patient’s actual costs are determined by their particular insurance benefits. In most cases, they are responsible for an office visit co-payment. Patients can self refer using a PPOplus provider directory and no referral forms are necessary.

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