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PPOplus provides a network of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers that have been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality, most cost-effective care for our members. In addition to offering comprehensive provider networks in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, PPOplus provides nationwide coverage to its membership through direct management and access of a nationwide network.

In order to provide a consistently high level of patient choice, PPOplus maintains an open panel provider network. This means physicians or other health care providers that meet the credentialing requirements and criteria established by PPOplus are eligible for participation in our network.

PPOplus offers cost-savings without restricting your choice of providers. Though you’ll save the most on out of pocket cost by using PPOplus providers, you’re free to use a non-PPOplus provider at any time. PPOplus is not an insurance company and therefore, we do not pay claims, set premiums or determine benefit eligibility. Instead, we work with your health insurance carrier to give you access to a network of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers that provide complete high quality healthcare service. Your current health insurance carrier still determines your level of coverage and eligibility for health care services.

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