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PPOplus has a new and exciting method for distributing claims and claim-related data: the Electronic Claim Mailbox (ECM) system. ECM is essentially a secure (128-bit SSL encrypted) website that allows users to login and retrieve claims that have been processed (scanned, OCR, and repriced) by PPOplus.

In addition to EDI data files, an ECM may contain original claim images and attachments (TIFF files generated from scanning paper claims) and /or reprinted (repriced) claims that can be downloaded for viewing or printing at your site.

All files within the ECM system are encrypted using PGP’s conventional encryption. This means that you do not have to have a digital signature / certificate or Public-Key system (PKI) in place to use your ECM. PPOplus provides eligible clients with their login information as well as the pass phrase (which is used to decrypt and extract the files once they are downloaded).

Login to the ECM!

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